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    I see Dr. Prita Bhardwaj, MD. She is the best doctor I have seen in a very long time!!!! She is very thorough and knows her stuff!!!! She takes time to go over everything with you and explains whatever you might not understand. A lot of doctors are rushed and give you only a few minutes. I have been having ongoing health issues w/lots of pain and never feeling well for a long time. Could not get an apt with anyone- up to a 9 mth waiting list on doctors and 4-6 mths just to see a PA or nurse!!!!! Dr. Bhardwaj saw me within 2 days!!!!! I was so impressed with her knowledge of all my medical issues and she gave me a referral to see a surgeon very soon after that! Finally, I am getting help to fix my problems!! I would give Dr. Prita Bhardwaj no less than 5 full stars and give her many, many more!!!!!! SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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